All photos are printed on artist canvas and then treated with various surface materials like pigment, sand, paint, sawdust, paper mache, etc..  They are then encased in clear epoxy giving them a glossy and variable surface (bubbles, impurities, etc.) depending on the subject matter. Mounted on 1/4" plexiglass with additional 1/4" plexiglass backing on all edges, each image is hung by two hooks with bottom rubber stops attached.

Size:  About 30" x  30" for all square images and 30" x 24" for all rectangular images ( other dimensions are available ). 

Weight:  Approx. 13 lbs.; No Framing necessary.

Price:  $1,200 plus tax ( NYS only ) and $25 for shipping & handling.

All are limited editions of 6 + AP; signed and dated.

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